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Takes an experienced do-it-yourselfer about thirty minutes. Locate the area where you wish to install the Fan-Attic. The southern side of your roof is the best place, since the Fan-Attic works best in full sunlight.

  • Using a reciprocating or jig saw, cut a 13-inch diameter hole through the roof material and sheathing, then remove the circular plug. Try to center the hole between the roof rafters to ensure clearance on the underneath side.
  • Slide the unit into position from the lower side of the roof.
    Make sure that the upper portion of the flashing is underneath both the existing roofing material and the underlayment (felt).
  • The lower portion of the flashing should be on top of the existing roof material.
  • Fasten in a similar manner to normal flashing requirements for the appropriate roof type.
  • Reinstall any pieces of the roofing material to cover the sides of the flashing that may have been removed during installation.

Installation Tips

  • Your Fan-Attic will work best in full sunlight. Southern exposure on the roof is ideal.
  • Avoid installing under overhanging trees or other structures creating shade.
  • Your Fan-Attic will also be most effective if installed as close as possible to the top ridge as natural convection causes hot attic air to rise upwards.
  • The Fan-Attic should be used in conjunction with existing soffit/gable vents to create a complete attic ventilation system. Your existing home should already have some form of soffit or gable ventilation. If your attic presently has no ventilation and The Fan-Attic will be the only form of ventilation to your attic space, it's possible that negative pressure could be created by removing the existing air while no outside air is coming in to replace it. It's unusual for a home to be this airtight, but if so, this problem can and should be overcome by the addition of soffit vents

WINTER OPERATION. Click here to learn more.
The Fan-Attic also works to clear moist air from your attic before it has a chance to condense. Read more about how the Fan-Attic works to keep your home more comfortable in the winter.


  • To ensure optimum performance, we recommend that from time-to-time you clean the top of the solar panel with warm soapy water and rinse off.
  • The fan motor is a brush type motor. Brushes may need replacement after several years of operation. This can be done from the underneath side with a screwdriver in about five minutes. Replacement brushes are available from your Fan Attic Dealer.

Each Fan-Attic features a 20-year warranty on the solar panel, a high-output 38-volt motor, and the patented Revcor™ blade for whisper-quiet operation.


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